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Box Trammel

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2 reviews for Box Trammel

  1. Walter Reid

    The box trammel appears to have a squared arm profile, infinitely preferable to the round ones with a small flat area for the head screw contact. These always worked loose and were a constant source of frustration. Well done JP Masonry for making a tool that looks practical in every respect. I used to personally hand craft the square version for my students at Weymouth College years ago: a rather more substantial model. Absolutely disgusted with trammels that Crawshaws retail, in my opinion they were not fit for purpose. Walt Reid, former apprentice master and practical masonry tutor. Your masonry hammers also look the real deal.

  2. Austin Emery

    YES, Walter Reid! I can vouch for the squared arm profile, as described in review by Walter Reid!! I bought my box trammel off Walter back at Weymouth College as a student while studying stone masonry in 1990/1 just as he describes! Walter taught me! Walter, if you read this… thank you so much for making such a great box trammel back in the day…and for all that you taught me. Always wanted the chance to thank you and Roy Pepperel, Andy and the others. Over the near 30 years I have used the trammel you made, I have always celebrated the fact that I got one off you at that time, knowing such quality would be near impossible to find and I still use mine to this day! This square arm profile detail is exactly what attracted me to check out JP’s version, as listed here…looks to be made beautifully. I need a second one as I am working abroad and need two sets of tools… I had wished I could find you again Walt in order to get another off you, funnily enough, and then saw them listed here, by JP Masonry. I am now ordering one from JP… as well as a masonry hammer. I have had a whole bunch of fire sharp chisels made by JP and they are beautifully made and excellent quality… super tough… working with them on Portland and Bath limestones. Great tools JP!

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